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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

IIIIt's Baaaaack...

Should I be surprised the vicious circle continues?  No, but it still manages to disappoint me every time.

Yeah, I know.  Where the hell have I been?  lol.  Huh...who would've thought parenting was so time-intensive?  Ha, kidding.  I've been busy loving the poop out of my baby girl since she was born this past March.  Man, she is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen; she mesmerizes me.  Every adorable smile, chuckle...  Amazing.

Being a Mom aside, it's not like I posted regularly before anyway ;)

But yes, I regret to say I've returned to piss & moan about my psoriasis again.  I was pretty clear up until about two months post-partum, but then within days of me starting up birth control pills breakouts were popping up all over my arms and legs.  Since I'm a nursing mother, options for treating are limited.  Certain topicals are OK (but don't work), and then there's light box again.  Light box worked before.  Light box is expensive, too.  Depending on how many treatments a week, it costs anywhere from $27-108 a week before deductable is met with insurance (which, on the high end, can be about the same monthly expense as having a new car payment), but is covered 100% once the deductable is met (a few Gs).

So I decided to finally follow through on my researching getting a light box for home.  At the cost of the co-pays of going to the office for treatment, which is inconveniently 45 minutes away from home, plus I've got a 4-month old tot in tote, it makes more sense to own my own.  Turns out, getting a light box for home is the same price - if not cheaper - than the deductable when going to the doc's.  So after a year of treatments, it's paid for itself.  It's like pay a year and get a lifetime of treatments for free! lol.  Oh, provided insurance wants to co-operate.

To try to get the insurance company to pay for "60-80%" of one of these fine pieces of medical equipment, which run between $4000-$7000, plus a few hundred bucks for shipping, I need my dermatologist to fashion a letter of medical neccesity that lists the different treatments that have failed in the past, reminds the insurance company of other costly options, such as Humira (which costs insurance about $24,000!!!), and describes the positive results light box has previously shown.  As well as write a prescription.  I also need a representative from the light box company fighting with the insurance company on my behalf.  My Dr is willing to write the letter and Rx, and I have a lovely rep that's working with me from a light box company I've chosen, so now we're just waiting for the pieces to fall into place.  I'm anxious, excited, hopeful.

So that's where I stand as of late. I hope to provide an update soon regarding my own home lightbox!


  1. Im going through the same process. Baby born in March and 3 months after the birth came the psoriasis. Tying to get the insurance to approve a hand held device for light therapy for the scalp. I live in So Cal so the sun has been really helpful, but I'm worried about the winter. My derm is pushing for Humira injections, but I'm really opposed. Currently looking into alternative routes, but have discovered that what works for one person might not work for another. It's a process.

  2. Did you tried light treatment (phototherapy)?